Online casinos India vs Land casinos India

Pearls of India Online Casino Slot game Pearls of India Online Casino Slot game

Indians have always been lovers of all forms of gambling either for fun or profit-making. This is why major foreign bookies target the Indian market by offering excellent wagering services to the people in India. However, before the advent of the internet, betting has always been in a land-based casino where people throng towards daily to wager on bets and meet one another. That has changed since 2000 when online casino India was introduced to the joy of many.

This guide hopes to mention differences between the two forms of casinos, laws guiding wagering in India, games available, and the best betting sites in the country.

Betting laws in India

Betting in India started around 1860 and was guided by a policy initiated when Indian was under British authorities in 1867. The law called the public gambling act says all manner of wagering in the country remains illegal. The policy specifically states that there shouldn't be any bets in gaming houses or any locations. However, there were reports that Indians still wager privately in their homes.

There wasn't any policy that specifically stated that anything about online casinos. While some say the law which was decreed over 140 years ago still stands, others are of the view that events have overtaken the gambling law and should be jettisoned. Regions like Goa and Daman, however, created a state law in 1972, where they divided wagering into chance and strategy games.

Another betting law that may affect online casino India is known as the IT act of 2000. This betting policy bans any content on the web which may corrupt Indian people to engage in acts of scams. This law is more of a fraud and corruption law where all shades of internet theft or advanced fee frauds are monitored. Nothing was said about online gambling in India or otherwise.

Engaging in the online casino business in India is generally deemed illegal in most regions, except the state of Sikkim. As a matter of fact, Sikkim remains the sole Indiana state where online casino betting is allowed and legal. They use the Sikkim online betting act of 2008 which particularly mentions casino games allowed.

Players in India don't need to fret as online betting is free for all, and no one has been arrested for online gambling.

Main benefits of online casino India over the land casino

Using a review site like is good as it gives quality reviews and considerations before wagering on a platform. Here are some benefits online casinos has over traditional casino.

  • Privacy

An advantage of online casinos over land casinos is that you have your privacy. This is particularly useful especially with the fuzzy nature of Indian gambling laws. While casino sites are not allowed in the country, foreign betting sites are not affected by those laws.

Good examples are casinos that operate from Sweden, Malta, and Gibraltar and offer games to Indians. Moreover, not everyone feels comfortable walking into a casino house to wage.

  • Many Offers

As long as the registration process is complete, you can key into the bookie's reward system which they regularly offer to new and old players. These offers come daily, weekly and monthly in the form of bonuses. Be wary, though of the tempting rewards, as many terms regulate such offers. Land-based casinos don't offer promos, what they give is free drinks and snacks to their regular customers.

  • Fairness and security

A major benefit of online casinos is the introduction of fair play and security. They use the latest technologies and software to achieve these two objectives. They use an excellent algorithm known as RNG (Random Number Generator) to guarantee game randomness and fairness. This is not available in land casinos where players regularly complain of games been rigged.

  • Easy access

A major benefit online casinos have over the land-based casino is that it is very easy to access. These internet casinos work everywhere and at any time. A player can wake up in the night and crave betting and just log into the wagering site.

You can be traveling by transport and betting. Online casinos are available with apps and desktops, you can play anywhere and anytime you wish easily.

Game offered in online casinos in India

Games available in the best casino sites in India are:


Seven players must work together to defeat the bookie dealer. In this game, players must try to get their cards to reach a total sum of 21. If it reaches above the number of the played loss, if it is below, it gives the house dealer the chance to defeat everyone.

Roulette online

Roulette remains one of the most popular games in India. The casino game occurs at a roulette table where the roulette wheel can be seen. The wheel understood of number 0-37. Roulette players will is that their spin which is usually done by the croupier will find their chosen number or color. These games are full of tricks and depend sorely on luck.

Live games

These games happen on all casino games like poker, baccarat roller games, and lotteries. What live games means in an online casino is that someone will host a game from a private location and be streaming it on Twitch or YouTube. There are good features like live chats, messaging with players and dealers. It is a good way to network with other casino players near and far.


Online keno is known as a number game, where you must correctly predict 6 numbers out of 48. This is a very difficult but interesting game which really huge winning. If you predict three correct numbers you win a token, however, if you can guess correctly all six numbers that are a jackpot.

The Best online casinos in India

Some best online casinos in India include:

  • Leo vegas

This remains a very good Indian casino website where you can get many betting options. This betting website has working customer care who are active 24/7. They allow Indians to wager on their platform using international currencies and Indian rupees. A major factor that is to their advantage is that withdrawals are simple and easy.

  • Deltin Royale casino

Deltin Royale is an excellent online casino in Goa with offices in Goa and Sikkimm. It has more than 49,000 online casino games. Their bonuses are huge and their slots games have huge RTPs and good graphics. They have real money games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar amongst others. This is arguably the best online casino in India.

  • Ixbet

​​​​​​Ixbet is an international platform which accepts wagering in soccer, crickets and casino games. Its payments are fast, and it has an amazing user interface.

Indian casinos online are better than land casinos because of the above-mentioned benefits, and Indian people can have an interesting experience wagering online.